Wuhan Sunmoon Battery Co., Ltd.

Since 1931


Affiliated to China Electronics Corporation (CEC),Wuhan Sunmoon Battery Co., Ltd., also known as state-owned 752th factory, is founded as a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province. ?Founded in Shanghai in 1931, it is also the first enterprise in China to develop lithium battery and realize industrial production.

Specializing in the research and manufacture of chemical power source. The company?produces primary lithium batteries and lithium secondary batteries, in which primary batteries·····

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Development history

Qualification certificate

Technical strength


More than 90 years of military technology, excellent quality assurance. With more than 90 years of military technology and manufacturing experience, Wuhan Sunmoon Battery Co., Ltd. has focused on improving R&D capabilities and service quality. Up to now, it has obtained 66 national patents and more than 100 national, provincial and ministerial awards. Passed ISO9001, IATF 16949 and GJB quality system, UL certification, RoHS certification, CE certification and UN certification.

Li/SOCl? Bobbin Type

The main features of this series of batteries are long-term...

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Li/SOCl? Spiral Type

This series of batteries are suitable for high-power...

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The specific energy is as high as 320wh/kg...

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Hybrid Pulse Capacitor

The nominal voltage of the capacitor battery is 4.0V...

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Lithium Ion Battery

Light weight, small size and high energy density...

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The company mainly produces and sells "Riyue" lithium batteries, Sunyue lithium batteries, lithium thionyl chloride batteries, 3.6V lithium batteries, ER26500, ER14250, ER18505M, ER14505, ER34615, ER18505M, etc., among which lithium thionyl chloride batteries, lithium two Manganese oxide batteries and composite capacitor batteries are widely used in various smart instruments (water meters, electricity meters, heat meters, natural gas meters), automotive electronics (ETC systems, OBU modules, GPS vehicle positioning), storage detection, alarm equipment, and objects. Networking (power grid failure indicator power supply, smoke detector power supply, smart door locks, smart parking), medical equipment, sensors, power supply for scientific research equipment, coal mine petroleum survey equipment and other fields. The company has a professional power system R&D center and quality testing organization, and has obtained 66 national patents and more than 100 national, provincial and ministerial awards.

Utility Meter

Intelligent water meter is a new type of water meter that USES modern microelectronic...

Automotive Telematics

ETC(Electronic Toll Collection) is the most advanced Toll Collection system in the world...


Internet of Things water meters can be divided into CDMA water meters, GPRS water ...

Sensor Instruments

Smart Water Meter -- NB-IOT smart water meter?Internet of Things water meters can be ...

Security&tracking Device

Wireless communication refers to the long-distance transmission communication between...

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